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Audiophile Goa

Bring out the highest quality of music from your vinyl records

Your best source for buying Turntables in India. Audiophile Goa is the official dealer for Pro-ject Turntables in Goa India. Project provides a whole range of products from entry level to high end audiophile. Winner of several EISA awards, including the best value turntable in 2017-18 and the best turntable in 2016-17

Audiophile Goa is the official dealer for Audionote Products in Goa, India. Audionote handcrafts its products with great finesse and passion. "The best equipment money can buy" as it likes to state. Explore a range of high end turntables at Audiophile Goa

Audiophile Goa is also the official dealer for Reloop and The Funk Firm turntables in Goa, India. Our passion towards audiophile equipment means that we will curate the useful list of products from across the brand spectrum. Take a look at at some of these benchmark turntables


You can now buy our entry level Turntables Online at


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