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About Us

Audiophile Goa is set in a charming loft in old town Panjim. We wanted to make sure that our demo space experience comes as close to your living room experience as possible. This gave rise to a minimal set up, no special treatments and an honest reproduction of sound. Understanding the acoustical context is an important factor. One may demo a system in a state of the art facility but when you bring it home, it may sound muddy or lack luster. Well, we give you an experience that can bring the best out of your rooms as well as your systems, our founder being an Acoustical Consultant himself.

Our founding members include a musician, an architect, an acoustical Consultant and a studio technician. Our love for sound and music has led to the creation of this venture. A customer can rest assured that our passion would translate into a system that is just perfect for his/her needs. We have been involved with pro audio equipment since a long time and it was about time we catered to the niche club of audiophiles. Audiophile Goa is a one of a kind set up and we would like to encourage the people here to come and experience the true feeling of listening to music. 

Audiophile Goa
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